“O” – The beginning and end of all our exploration…

16 Nov

I consider my short film “O” to be closest to my heart. In 1994, I was in the 3rd and last year of my film-making program at Sheridan College, Canada. As part of our 3rd yr. assignment, the students were required to work on their diploma films. Significantly under the influence of philosopher J. Krishnamurthy at that time, I was immersed in his books, insights into life and how knowledge and learning can become an anchor, deterring the individual from exploring the ever-changing truth. “O” (the title of the film is a circle symbol, the purest and simplest form of existence without any ending) was born out of that thought. I revelled and enjoyed myself, a sort of a self-exploratory journey into understanding myself.

The short film took a year to finish. When the film got done, my friends at Sheridan told me that the character in the film uncannily resembled me. That was not intended, but I guess because of my emotional involvement in the film somewhere it had percolated into the psyche of the character. The film went on to win the President’s National award for Best Director and Best animator for me in 1996 besides picking up an award in Austria and Japan. Even if it hadn’t it would’ve still been close to my heart.

“O” is me. :)


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  1. Shady

    November 16, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    Really a nice film. Now i know it takes a lot to become a successful director. cheers :)